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Milling machines / Plano / FRF 300 V/A6

Milling machines / Plano / FRF 300 V/A6

  • Inventory number 191083
  • Machine type FRF 300 V/A6
  • Producer TOS KUŘIM - OS, a.s.
  • YOM 2009
Control system SiemensSinumerik 840 D
Dimensions of table working surface3000 x 6000 mm
Travel X-axis5000 mm
Clearance between columns3550 mm
Distance between table and cross-rail2050 mm
Travel Y-axis3800 mm
Travel Z-axis1250 mm
Spindle taperISO 50 .
Spindle speed20 - 4000 /min.
Main motor power37 kW
Cooling through spindleYES
Pressure of cooling20 bar
Machine dimensions l x w x h11280 x 8376 x 5830 mm
Machine weight62000 kg

Subject to change of technical parameters.


The machine is in good condition, possible to test it.
Spindle after retrofit.
Including heads VK and VP2.
Chip conveyor.

Similar machines

YOM: 0
Control systemYES
Control system SiemensSinumerik 840 D
Dimensions of table working surface18500 x 4550 mm
Travel X-axis18500 mm
Clearance between columns4370 mm
Distance between table and cross-rail3170 mm
Travel Y-axis5900 mm
Travel Z-axis2000 mm
Diameter of working spindle200 mm
Spindle taperISO 60 .
Spindle speed4 - 500 /min.
Max. torque of spindle6300 Nm
Main motor power60 kW
Total input240 kVA
X axis travel1-6000 mm/min
Y axis travel1-6000 mm/min
Z axis travel1-3000 mm/min
Machine dimensions l x w x h27700 x 9800 x 7650 mm
Machine weight149000 kg

Inventory number: 191093

CNC router FS2030
YOM: 2014
Control systemYES
Dimensions of table working surface2000x3000 mm
Travel X-axis2000 mm
Clearance between columns2000 mm
Distance between table and cross-rail200 mm
Spindle speed0 - 18000 /min.
Travel Y-axis3000 mm
Travel Z-axis200 mm

CNC router FS2030
Inventory number: 191768

332M Multi Face
YOM: 2009
Control systemYES
Control system Fanuc18i - MB
Dimensions of table working surface2600 x 3000 mm
Travel X-axis3230 mm
Clearance between columns3200 mm
Distance between table and cross-rail1425 mm
Y axisYES
Travel Y-axis3850 mm
Z axis travel1100 mm/min
Tool magazineYES
Number of positions in magazine30
Spindle taperISO 50 .
Machine dimensions l x w x h8130 x 7493 x 5080 mm
Machine weight44000 kg
Max. load of table12000 kg

332M Multi Face
Inventory number: 191362

PF-F 150 (1) 530/400
YOM: 1969
Travel X-axis12000 mm
Travel Y-axis5300 mm
Travel Z-axis4000 mm
Main motor power100 kW
Spindle taperISO 60- .
Dimensions of table working surface12000 / 4700 mm
Control systemNO

PF-F 150 (1) 530/400
Waldrich Siegen
Inventory number: 131263

YOM: 2004
Control systemYES
Control system HeidenhainTNC 530
Dimensions of table working surface1600 x 1000 mm
Travel X-axis1400 mm
Clearance between columns1250 mm
Distance between table and cross-rail700 mm
Travel Z-axis600 mm
Spindle taperISO 40 .
Spindle speed0 - 15000 /min.
Max. weight of workpiece4000 kg
Machine weight9500 kg
Travel Y-axis200 mm

Inventory number: 191949