New WFT 15R mill for our customer in Washington, US

New WFT 15R mill for our customer in Washington, US

The machine WFT 15 is a table-type boring mill, with spindle diameter of 150 mm. As a standard, it is equipped with rotary table with load capacity 20 tons. But in this way, the machine for customer SMS was quite special. It was not with one table, but with two with maximum load 25 tons - a full-scale paletisation system. On one table you can do the machining, while clamping new workpiece on the other. This system reduces downtime of the machine and makes production more effective. Of course, as with any other paletisation system, the area for exchanging workpieces needs to be separated from machining area.


The twin-table design has one more benefit - the gantry mode, where both tables move simultaneously, with one long workpiece clamped on top of them.


SMS Group facility in Washington has 55 employees and over 100,000 sq. ft., many new assets have been installed to make the Washington Division the core competency for servicing Hot & Cold Rolling Products.

The primary product competencies are Backup Chocks including X-Roll Oil Film Bearing components, Sieflex Spindles, Mandrels, AGC and CVC cylinders.

Washington has developed value added services for its customers by providing product management specialist, fleet management and equipment modernization for optimized performance.

And they are getting ready for the latest asset...

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