FERMAT machines in the virtual world

FERMAT machines in the virtual world

COVID-19 has affected the life of every individual. And although a great majority of us were able to cope with it, companies are often not as resilient as people. Unless they find a way to promote themselves in these difficult times, they may be forced to close down. We at FERMAT believe that our company is flexible enough to overcome this crisis and even become stronger than before - we do not give up.

We have thus decided to move FERMAT to the virtual world - in the form of videos, virtual tours, various visualisations and even more high-quality photos. Moreover we have formed a new department specialising in these tasks.


In HERE, you can take a detailed look at a brand new milling machine FFC that has just been assembled in our plant in Lipnik.


And HERE you can watch a short promo video. If you like it, you can give us a Like :)

We wish you all sound health and a speedy end to the corona situation.