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  • Turning – lathes, length up to 5000 mm
    • Brno - TT75/4000 CNC multifunctional machining center for workpieces of length up to 4000 mm, equipped with milling head, enabling highly efficient production of milled and turned pieces up to 3000 kg, in one set-up
  • Surface hardening and heat treatment – inductive and laser hardening
    • Brno – robotic laser station with building-up head with rotary 2-axis positioner, synchronized with movement of the robot. Ray has max. width of 46 mm and depth of hardening 2 mm
    • Praha – inductive hardening line for hardening of box guide ways, for hardening of grey cast iron 56 HRC can be achieved, on 9000 mm length
    • Lipnik – heat treatment – max. dimensions: length 5000 mm, width 3000 mm, height 1500 mm

We offer complex technical processing including production and machining of parts: 

  • Welded pieces with length of up to 12000 mm
  • Castings with length of up to 12000 mm and weight 30000 kg