PDI in masks

PDI in masks

On May 25 the Pre-delivery inspection of machine WFT 15R took place in our pant in Brno, for our steady customer Von Schaewen.

The machine is destined for Polish branch of this company, in town Swietochlowice.

We are very pleased that the customer was able to make it here to the Czech Republic, despite complicated circumstances. The PDI was carried out while keeping all the safety and hygienic precautions, of course.

Machine parameters:

  • X/ Y/ Z/ V/ W = 6 100/ 3 500/ 2 500/ 700/ 800 mm

  • table 2 500 x 3 000 mm with load capacity of 50 tons

  • spindle diameter 150 mm

  • angle head UHAmi 30

  • movable cabin

  • and other optional accessories