Werkzeugarena mit KUKA Roboter 96/125/189

Robot is able to exchange tools virtually into any position of head, max. number of tools is 96/125/189 . Tool rack with robot is an independent enclosed work space that provides possibility of manipulation with tools without safety risks for operator or risk of crash for the machine. There is a special access point for adding tools, from where robot takes tools and put them into tool rack. This mode increases time effectivity if the machine.

• Minimal maintenance or service interventions.

• The possibility to change tools into various accessories and attachments.

• There is no interference in the work area normally encountered by the required rail of the traditional mechanical tool changer.

• The tools can be exchanged either to working spindle or to a predefined position on automatic milling head.

• The exchange can be also done into working spindle with an attached spindle support sleeve from Fermat’s production.

• Max. number of positions: 96/125/189  tools.

• Maximal tool weight is 25 kg by using both gripper no. 1 and 2, 50 kg by using only one gripper.


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