WRF Mill

Horizontal WRF Mill CNC represents the newest technology and concept of floor-type horizontal mills that are currently on the global marketplace.

The main characteristics of the Floor-Type Horizontal Fermat WRF Mill CNC, with a Moveable Slide Ram are ease of use and effectiveness.  Its large variation of selectable parameters is combined with its broad offering of operating functions.

The main feature is a Modular Concept that allows great production variability and rapid setup through the use of Peripheral Tools and Accessories.

Machine parameters

Control system and motors - HEIDENHAIN iTNC 530 System, Siemens 840D, Fanuc 31i, HEIDENHAIN and SIEMENS Servomotors, HEIDENHAIN Scales

Machine Axes

- 3 different axes (X, Y, Z)/ additional B or V-axis when the Rotary Table is added

- The main advantage of this machine is ram travel (Z axis) up to 1 500 mm. Ram deformation due to gravity is compensate by hydraulic cylinders

- Clamping Plates can be joined together, or in combination with a Rotary Table to achieve specialized configurations, easily and quickly.

- Workpieces can be clamped either on the Additional Rotary Table, on the Clamping Plates, or using both of these possibilities.

- The main  purpose of the machine is a high rate of chip removal from slarge and heavy steel, cast steel, or cast iron workpieces. The machine’s technology allows for wide utilization in  milling, boring, reaming, and threading processes.

Machine design

The additional CNC Rotary Tables T25/ T40/ T50, with table sizes from 2 050 x 2 050 mm to 3 000 x 3 000 mm, can hold heavy workpieces of  25 000 kg , 40 000 kg, or 50 000 kg. Even heavier workpieces can be clamped on floor plates or specially designed tables.

All components of the machine are from renowned manufacturers.


Fermat WRF Mill


Axes of WRF mill