Producer ..... TOS Hulín
Year manufacture/Year overhaul ..... - / 2023

Control system Siemens ..... Sinumerik 840D Sl
Max. diameter of workpiece ..... 2200 mm
Clamping diameter of rotary table ..... 2000 mm
Max. load of table ..... 20000 kg
Max. workpiece height ..... 1260 mm
Ram travel (Z) ..... 1000 mm
Ram size ..... 180x200 mm
Vertical adjustment of traverse ..... 800 mm
Tool magazine
Number of positions in magazine ..... 15
Driven Tools
Number of tool positions (driven) ..... 15(15)
Speed driven tools ..... 8 - 3300 /min
Power of driven tools ..... 18 kW
Rotations of clamping plate ..... 2 - 160 /min
Axis C ..... 0,003 °
Main motor power ..... 67 kW

Machine is after complete overhaul and modernization by Fermat. 
- regrinding of guide surfaces
- replacement of all rolling nests and washers, new wipers of guide surfaces
- disassembly of the main bearing - and complete overhaul of the bearing at the manufacturer
- inspection and replacement of other bearings, replacement of all ball screws and nuts
- repair of clamping plate (3 jaws chuck) - hydraulic- mechanical chuck of 120 degress plus 3 pcs of manual chucks
- new protective covers of the machine according current CE standarts including safety lock
- replacement of the lubrication system, incl. a new hydraulic unit
- new chip conveyor
- new water management (1000 liters)
- new Sinumerik 840 DSL control system with touchable rittal display OP 15 Black
- handwheel
- new Siemens main drive, new servomotors for X and Z axes
- new rotary encoder speed sensor, new power and signal cables for spindle motors
- new air conditioned electrical cabinet
- coolant pumps control of rotation of 15 position tool magazine via frequency converter

C axis including live tools with its speed in the range from 8 - 3300 rpm via a two-speed Baruffaldi transmission
C axis one way positioning - strengthening units - positioning accuracy tolerance up to 10 angular seconds

Technical parameters

Control system Sinumerik 840D Sl
Tool magazine 15 pcs
Driven Tools 15 pcs
Max. diameter of workpiece 2200 mm
Max. workpiece height 1260 mm
Max. load of table 20000 kg
Clamping diameter of rotary table 2000 mm
Ram travel (Z) 1000 mm
Ram size 180x200 mm

TOS Hulín

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Country: Czech Republic
Address: Brno 627 00, Tuřanka 104

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