UHAmi SDHS In-line

Universal Automatic Milling Head Hight Speed, for milling headstocks, with integrated C-axis.

Fully Automatic (attachment to the headstock, tool clamping, positioning, lubrication).

Positioned by the means of 2 x 2 servomotors (in MASTER-SLAVE preloading), enables continuous machining.

units UHAmi SDHS
Revolutions rpm


Max. Power
kW 41
Max. Torque
Nm 1500
Spindle Taper - SK 50
Clamping Force of Tool
kN 20±15%
Stall Torque in Axis A
Nm 2800
Stall Torque in Axis C
Nm 7500
+/- 180, by 0,001

  • External Tool Coolant: standard
  • Coolant Trough Spindle: standard 
  • Lubrication: automatic, oil


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