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Milling machines are designed for machining of workpieces of up to 100 tons. The machines are equipped with a milling head - universal, right-angle, or straight.

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Floor-type milling machine designed for fast and precise machining of small and medium-size workpieces. 

  • Ram stroke 1400 mm.
  • Equipped wih floor plates and movable rotary table.
  • Great variety of optional accessories and milling heads.

units FFM
Spindle taper
SK 50 (ISO50) / BT50 / CAT50 / BIG+
Spindle speed (max.) rpm 5000
Max. Power Heidenhain or SIEMENS CNC (S1/S6) kW 41 / 61,5; 53 / 77,9
Max. Torque Heidenhain or SIEMENS CNC (S1/S6)
Nm 1230 / 1846; 1591 / 2338
X-axis travel of Column mm max. 28000
Y-axis travel of Headstock mm 3200
Z-axis travel of Ram mm 1400
Rapid Feed X, Y mm/min. 30000, 30000
Rapid Feed Z mm/min. 30000


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