Customer Service of horizontal boring mills

First-class customer service is one of our most significant company qualities. The people in Fermat know that the quality of maintenance services significantly affects customer satisfaction. Therefore, the Service Center continuously tries to improve the services and information management service cases. For this purpose we agreed on the following service policies:

  • Overview and quick reaction times.
  • Automatic registration of all service cases
  • Remote diagnostics
  • Linguistic diversity of employees at Customer Service Center
  • Large stock of spare parts in EU, U.S., Canada, India, China
  • Library of solutions for Frequently asked questions or problems
  • Classification, Monitoring and analysis of all service cases

These are the main advantages of the new service system in Fermat. After reporting a new service case our service support will automatically process its administration. Responsible service workers are immediately assigned to the individual message.

Customer Service hours

With Fermat, you are guaranteed to customer during prolonged service Mon-Fri 7.00-a.m 7.00p.m. CET. as well as urgent service issues are handled anytime including weekends. We provide Services in English/German/Chinese/Czech/Russian language.

Microsoft Dynamics System supports Customer service

A step forward, according to Service Manager for Germany, Mr. Josefi, was an implementation of Microsoft Dynamics Information System. All service cases are automatically registered in the service database together with the time schedule of the particular case and a personal responsibility. This system allows a better management and communication with the customers. "As soon as the case gets recorded under the regulations, we immediately send our responsible technician with the necessary equipment or spare parts to the customer“, says Mr. Krkavec, the Head of Fermat Service Center. Fermat has large stocks of spare parts in Europe, U.S., Canada, India and China so our customers do not have to wait any longer. After resolving service case a final report is sent to the customer and a feedback monitoring is saved to be helpful for our intern statistics.

Library Service and Monitoring

Documented service events are regularly reported to Production and Design Department. These Statistics are used to improve the innovation of planning tools.

In case of any problem occures, any failure, please contact us:

Tel. (+420) 778717171
Working hours 7:00 - 7:00 p.m. CET/CEST (Mon-Fri)