Fermat prepares a series of ‘stock’ boring mills for the US

Fermat Machinery, together with the US distributor Lucas Precision, has prepared for the U.S. market a series of the most popular horizontal boring mills with quick delivery time. “We are feeling that the market for modern powerful and precise boring mills in the US growing. This year we have sold boring mills for $5 million USD in the US. Last machines in series of 15th are scheduled to be in operation at customers’ premises within December 2011” said Jan Ferenc (CEO).

This ‘US customized’ series of table-type 5”spindle horizontal boring mills is produced with a Fanuc 31i control system, UL rated components and wiring, CAT 50 taper, table rotation by duo-servomotor drive for continuous 4-axis contouring and 54/80 HP spindle motor. There are various axis lengths available. For example, in X axis Fermat customers can chose from 78” to 196”.

The WFT 13 is the most popular Fermat product. It represents the newest technology and concept of table type horizontal mills that are currently on the market. Thanks to the powerful headstock, high axial forces, and most precise table in its category, the WFT 13 can fulfill the needs of the most demanding customers. The WFT 13 offers great efficiency, high precision, and high quality machining of large and heavy work pieces.

The machine offers four linear (X, Y, Z, W) and one rotary (B) axis travel. Different sizes of the X, Y and Z travels enable the customers to configure the machine according to their requirements. The column of the WFT 13 is the widest cast column on the market and contributes significantly to the rigidity of the machine that allows heavy chip removal. All axes are fully covered and guiding surfaces have telescopic covers lengthwise and crosswise.

Spindle and the Headstock
The spindle of the WFT 13 is a live spindle with W-axis stroke of 28.7”. The headstock provides an adjustable mounting platform for a variety of attachments such as angle heads, spindle support sleeves, facing heads, etc.

One of the biggest advantages of the WFT 13 machines is a ram travel that can be supplied based upon customer’s needs.

CNC Rotary Table
Another feature of the machine is CNC rotary table. There are three types from which the customer can chose his preference – the smallest 33,000 lb load table with dimension 63”x70” or 70”x86”. The medium type 44,000 lb is 78”x94” and the largest type with 55,000 lb load is 78”x98”.

Optional Accessories
Fermat is able to supply different sizes of Automatic Tool Changers, from 20 to 120 tools. Current stock machines are mainly equipped with an ATC for 40 tools. There are flood and high pressure coolant units available, as well as through spindle coolant units. This high pressure cooling can be, upon customer’s request, CNC controlled. For customers interested in milling heads, Fermat is able to provide universal manual and automatic heads, each with 1° or 2.5° positioning, and 3000 revolutions per minute.

Although the table type horizontal boring mill WFT 13 has been designed with some specific features, Fermat is always open to discussion and ready to view other possibilities that would meet the customer’s requirements.

For more information contact:

Paul Mandelbaum
Lucas Precision
13020 St. Clair Ave.
Cleveland, OH 44108

Zdenka Urbanova
Export Manager
Fermat Machinery
Prumyslova 11
102 19 Prague 10
Czech Republic
Cell: 011-420-773-690-135

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