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  • The world’s premier trade fair for the metal working technology took place in Hannover, Germany, from September 19 to September 24, 2011. Among companies from 40 countries that decided to exhibit, Fermat’s booth with one of the largest machine tools at EMO was easy to find.
  • There are several issues that make machining of a windmill hub a big challenge for machine shops. As a result, the machining of the hub can get quite complicated and become a time consuming process. To simplify this task, Fermat has developed a feature dedicated especially for the manufacturers of windmill turbines – a tilting headstock, which is new to the horizontal boring mill market.
  • Fermat Machinery, together with the US distributor Lucas Precision, has prepared for the U.S. market a series of the most popular horizontal boring mills with quick delivery time. “We are feeling that the market for modern powerful and precise boring mills in the US growing. This year we have sold boring mills for $5 million USD in the US.
  • Fermat Machinery in the Czech Republic is owned and managed by Jiri and Jan Ferenc, brothers who first learned the machine tool trade from their father. The company started as a machinery remanufacture business in 1990. Using their experience and engineering degrees as well as their ambition to grow the company, they decided to manufacture new horizontal boring mills...
  • Technologies for Improving Boring Mill Productivity New technology can partially explain why large, high-value parts are not being outsourced. Boring, milling, drilling, threading, and even prismatic-part creation are all possible if the boring mill is equipped with the proper accessories....
  • Fermat Machinery Offers Large Horizontal Boring And Milling Machines FERMATMachinerymanufactures in the Czech Republic horizontal boring machines and mills, with sales and service facilities in six different countries. At EMO Milano 2009 the company exhibited two table type horizontal boring machines - WFT 13 CNC and WRFT 130 CNC...

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