FERMAT Facilities

Fermat production facilities are located in various parts of the Czech Republic and in Slovakia. Overall, our firm operates in modern production, retrofit and repair centers measuring more than 20,000 m2.

Our largest production sites can be found in Brno and in Prague. Fermat totals about 450 employees.


  • Fermat CZ & Fermat Group production of horizontal boring mills. Retrofiting and repairing of WHN Horizontal boring machines. Fermat facilities is equipped by the most modern and highest quality technology.
  • Pressl company is specialized in retrofit of large horizontal boring mills, modernisation of heavy duty metal working machines.
  • production of prototype moulds & parts for horizontal boring mills,
  • Fermat machine Tools is 100% shareholder of ZeVo Praha Ltd. companyy. It is specialized in production of cylindrical grinding machines, traditional supplier of grinders. Facilities are equipped by the modern technology, including precision machinery such as horizontal boring and milling machines, grinding machines, slide-way grinding machines and others.
  • Fermat stroje Lipník is specialized in production of milling machines.
  • Fermat - J&F Stroje, s.r.o. machining of components in Prakovce - Slovakia.

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