Automatic Tool Changer

Fermat machines can be equipped with automatic tool exchange. This auxiliary equipment is able to speed the production cycle significantly and automate it.

Clamping Taper ISO 50
Tool Type DIN 69871, class A
Clamping Pin Type DIN 69872
Number of Tools 60, 90
Magazine Storage Output Electric (Servo)
Specification of Servomotor Servo-motor Heidenhain / Fanuc / Siemens
Output of the Automatic Tool Exchange Magazine Hydraulic
Tool Exchange Time 30 sec.
Max. Tool Weight 50 kg
Max. Arm Torque 110 Nm
Max. Tool Length 750 mm
Max. Tool Diameter Ø 125 mm – All Pockets Occupied
Ø 280 mm – Every Other Pocket Occupied

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How to clamp face plate into the spindle?

D’Andrea head is clamped automatically and the FH face plate needs 4 nuts to be hold  in hollow spindle.

how much does the specific machine cost?

Send us your enquiry to and we will make you an offer with the price.
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