Special solutions for Energy Product Machining

In last two years, the Czech producer of horizontal boring mills, FERMAT, has supplied various machines to different energy product machining companies all over the world.
Mr. Jan Ferenc, Fermat Vice-Chairman of the Board describes the experience of Fermat in the energy products field:“All of our customers who specialize in providing products and services for energy industry are demanding high quality machines. High standards are needed for the precision of the machine. Our company can offer circular interpolation precision from 0.0004” to 0.0006” according to the machine type and also sufficient torque to machine very rigid materials." “In addition a lot of customers have special requirements for their machining. Our company developed new technical solutions which can satisfy their needs and requests.” As proof of this statement is vast FERMAT`s reference list of the companies working for the energy product industry. First of them is a company in Denmark, Nordmark, who is specializing in fabrication of wind mills with an extraordinary Horizontal boring mill with Tilting headstock.
As Mr. Ferenc explains: “There are several issues that make machining of a windmill hub a big challenge for machine shops. As a result, the machining of the hub can get quite complicated and become a time consuming process. Production of this specific piece requires efficient machining under different angles that is not always satisfactory when using angular milling heads. Special foundation or special tiling tables are costly and can have technical disadvantages. To simplify this task, Fermat has developed a tilting headstock. This innovation not only simplifies machining but also reduces machining expenses.”

Technical data of Tilling Headstock:

Tilting of the spindle axis ± 10 °
Ram out-travel (axis Z) 0 – 47.24“
Spindle out-travel (axis W) 0 – 39.37“
Spindle rpm (axis C) 10 – 2800
Rated power of main engine S1/S6 50/75 HP
Spindle loading capacity up to 40 kN

A new approach was also needed in a Canadian workshop; FERMAT faced the problem how to machine extremely large parts which cannot be moved easily, such as parts for the nuclear sector. This is the case of the next Fermat innovation.
Babcock & Wilcox Company who specializes in providing products and services to the North American and worldwide commercial nuclear power industry in their Canadian location possesses two of our machines. Portable horizontal boring WRF 130 CNC allows an easy relocation of the machine on a temporary basis to the desired location to work inside or around the immovable parts. The second one is floor type of horizontal boring mil WRF 160 with x axis of 507 inch and column of 256 inches.” The last confirmation that Fermat is a producer of Horizontal Boring mills who is prepared to match the requirements of Energy Products machining is new project in Hyundai Ideal Electric Co. in Ohio, where a floor type Horizontal boring mill with a tremendous CNC Rotary Table of 138x138 inch and impressive table load of 110,000 lb. on Cross Roller Taper Bearing with 2 Pinions and 2 Servomotors, will be installed. Hyundai will produce large electric motor stators on our WRF 160.

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D’Andrea head is clamped automatically and the FH face plate needs 4 nuts to be hold  in hollow spindle.
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