New Milling Machine on U.S. Market

The first prototype of the FGU CNC horizontal milling machine type was constructed in the Czech Republic at the beginning of this year. The Fermat floor and table type HBMs were brought to the U.S. market by exclusive Fermat importer, Lucas Precision.

"The aim of Fermat was to offer a mid-sized milling machine that would be complementary to the existing line of HBMs," said a company spokesperson. "One of the key customer criteria, short delivery time, is achieved by the use of a large number of proven standardized components. A rigid machine frame design weighing over 88,185 lbs guaranties precise workpiece geometry and dimensions after machining as well as allowing productive chip removal."

The FGU is a universal CNC milling machine for machining parts up to 196.8" in length and up to 137.7" in height. It may be utilized for machining parts such as hydraulic blocks, pumps, molds and dies, etc.

Lateral movement of the workpiece in the X-axis is achieved through a linearly sliding table with T-slots for clamping the workpiece to the table. Customers can choose from three variants of the X-axis:

Linear sliding flat table is designed for less complicated milling operations and long workpieces.
Linear sliding CNC rotary table is designed for complex milling operations from five sides without relocating the workpiece, with a maximum workpiece load of 33,069 or 44,100 lbs.
Vertical lathe linear sliding table designed not only for workpiece machining on five sides without re-locating, but also for turning the front and outer surfaces.
As standard, the machine is equipped with micro positioning head UHA 30mi. The automatic head transmits 30 kW output, 1,600 Nm, and it is rated from 10 to 4,000 RPM. It can be positioned in any angle in increments of 0.001. The head is hydraulically clamped after positioning.

The FGU features the following specifications:

Range of spindle speed: 10 - 4,000 RPM
Spindle motor power: 50/75 HP
Maximum spindle torque: 1,600 Nm
Horizontal column travel (X-axis): 59" - 196.8" (every 19.6)
Vertical headstock travel (Y-axis): 66.9", 78.7", 98.4"
Column travel (Z-axis): 62.9"
Maximum table load: 33,069 or 44,100 lbs
Table dimensions: 47.2" x 55.11", 62.9" x 70.8", 70.8" x 86.6", 78.7" x 94.5".
The FGU features an automatic tool changer, chip conveyor, Heidenhain linear scales and encoder as standard. The machine can be equipped with an automatic pallet shuttle system for 11,020 or 33,069 lb versions. For automatic tool exchange of more than 90 tools, an industrial robot instead of the conventional ATC should be utilized. The robot can change the tools into a milling head spindle in a vertical position and also in most of the angular combinations of the head. The robot can handle tools up 154 lbs, or even heavier as an option.

Fermat can offer different designs of FGU covers and enclosures according to customers' requirements. For example, the machine can be equipped with an operator's safety shield or be partially or completely covered.

For more information contact:

Paul Mandelbaum

Lucas Precision

13020 St. Clair Ave.

Cleveland, OH 44108



Petra Mrkvova, Export Manager

Fermat Machinery

Prumyslova 11

102 19 Prague 10

Czech Republic

Cell: 011-420-773-690-135






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D’Andrea head is clamped automatically and the FH face plate needs 4 nuts to be hold  in hollow spindle.

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