Innovation of Horizontal Boring Mill

Two years have passed since the 2010 IMTS and the Czech machine tool producer, Fermat will again present their Horizontal Boring machine at the International Manufacturing Show in Chicago. FERMAT will share the Booth S-9259 in South Building with the exclusive American importer, LUCAS PRECISION and the exclusive Canadian importer TOS America.
All visitors of IMTS will have a chance to see FERMAT`s best-selling WFT 13 CNC Horizontal Boring Mill.
The machine will be equipped with a Fanuc 31i Control system, have an X axis=137.80", Y= 98.43" and Z= 47.24". It will have a built-in full contouring rotary table 70.86"x86.61" with a load capacity of 33,069 lb. All of that is expected to attract a lot of attention.
The show booth will have representatives from the manufacturer and the importers that will be able to provide detailed information about the entire Fermat product line.
When asked questions on the relationship as importer for Fermat Paul Mandelbaum, President of LUCAS PRECISION responded as follows:
How can you describe the cooperation with FERMAT in last two years?
“Lucas has developed a relationship with Fermat that allows for an efficient flow of necessary information and cooperation. The people are in place at Fermat and Lucas that are required to support our sales agents through the United States. The dedicated sales and service staff in the Czech Republic give us the support that we know is demanded of customers and that Lucas has been supplying for many years.
Lucas will be stocking machines at our facility in Cleveland, Ohio where customers will be able to “kick the tires”. These machines will of course be available for quick delivery when required.
Fermat is constantly developing new technologies for their product lines and it is exciting to be on the front end of these developments. It is great to see that feedback from customers can often be quickly adapted into the products such as the floor mill with a tilting headstock.”
Did change the level of services provided by LUCAS PRECISION?
“We have had major success in adding sales agents through out the United States over the past year, working closely with them and helping with their requirements. We will accompany our agents on direct sales calls to their customers when requested.
Lucas has been associated with boring mills for a very long time and we have been sending our sales and service technicians to the Czech Republic for training on the Fermat products. Most of our customers know and expect that we stock a vast number of parts for the Lucas products, we will of course be stocking a full line spare parts for the Fermat machines as well.
We have a great relationship with the Canadian importer, Tos America, and share information on a regular basis. We both are stocking spare parts, which should allow us to cover each other’s back if necessary.”
Can you mention some satisfied customers in USA?

“Machines have recently sold in Michigan, Wisconsin, and multiple locations in Ohio. Fermat has only recently been introduced to the United States and the interest and acceptance of the Fermat products has been beyond our expectations.
We recently installed a WFT13 in Solon Ohio at Bardons & Oliver; manufacturers of a full line of cut off lathes and contract manufacturing. Bardons & Oliver, required additional machining capacity in their facility and has recently added a second shift on the Fermat.
Precision Boring in Clinton Twp, Michigan, a contract manufacturing company specializing in boring, milling, turning and grinding, also recently added a second shift on their Fermat WFT 13. Precision Boring also has placed an order for a new Fermat CNC O.D. grinding machine, BUC E 85 /4000, that will give them substantial additional capacity in their grinding department.”
Mr. Jan Ferenc, Fermat Vice-Chairman of the Board, is responding questions about the performance, aims and future of FERMAT.
How has FERMAT Company changed in last two years?
“We invested in innovation of our products and development of new technical solutions. Also during the time of economical crisis the company celebrated achievements not only in European markets, but also in USA, Canada, Russia, India, China and South America. FERMAT is exporting to more than 40 countries worldwide. Fermat is constantly growing and increasing its market share and participates at main International Fairs, such as IMTS 2012.”
Is there any change in the product range from the last exhibition?
“Yes, this year Fermat introduced a smaller version of the popular table type machine WFT 13. WFC 10 is new small cross table type machine with fixed column and crossed X and Z beds. This boring mill has spindle diameter 4 Inches. I think that this machine will compete with horizontal machining centers but in comparison to them, it provides a much higher torque for rough machining and the added advantage of a boring spindle with travel of 29 Inches. The boring mill WFC 10 CNC with the cross table is in my opinion universal economic machine for smaller work pieces, with easy installation and low transportation costs.
The second launched product is new table type milling machine FGU. FGU is offered in two versions: FGU with fixed table or with rotary table. FGU is a new type of machine which is built on box ways. This machine follows the tradition of Czech producer of milling machines Strojtos which became member of FERMAT Group in February of 2011.
The milling machine FGU is a CNC machine of a modern construction, ideal for high complex piece machining. Machine is designed for univesal usage in machining production and it is appropriate for rough and also for precise machining. It is offered with various types of heads, but the most popular option is automatic microindexing head with positioning increment 0,001°.“
If we omit new FGU and WFC 10 which other innovations will FERMAT present in IMTS 2012?
“In last two years FERMAT has invested lot of time, resources and specialized labor force to development of new products and technical solutions. One of them is our new Micro indexing head.
Our engineers developed Universal Automatic Micro indexing head with outstanding positioning increment of 0,001°. It is designed for speed from 10 up to 4000 rpm and impressive torque of 1600 Nm. This head can be used on all our machines and is strongly recommended for FGU milling machine.”
What are the plans of FERMAT for the future?
“Fermat is always adapting to new requirements of the market and wishes of its customers. One of the important innovations is that FERMAT as a first producer of Horizontal Boring Mills is planning to substitute automatic tool changers by Robot.
FERMAT has started the cooperation with German well-known producer of industrial robots.
FERMAT wants to use 6-axe robot more and more in the future and maybe by default in all machines. Standard automatic tool changer will still exist as option for consumer request. The advantage is that the robot can change tools directly into any position, for example into heads, spindle support sleeves, etc. Furthermore, another benefit is low necessity of maintenance or the possibility of higher weight of the tools. For example a robot has a capacity to hold the tool with weigh about 165 Ib.
We strongly believe that robot will bring to the consumer a luxury of fast, precise and effective tool exchange.
Now we are producing for a Canadian client two FGU machines with Micro Indexing Head, two industrial robots and special pallet changer with pallet capacity of 3 tons.”

IMTS 2012
Booth S-9259 in pavilion of Metal Cutting.

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