FHorizontal Boring Mill for the Trucking and Mining Industry.

BUC E 63 CNC is a fully CNC controlled grinding machine designed for traverse and plunge cut grinding of cylindrical and conical external surfaces, or with internal grinding attachment for grinding of cylindrical and conical internal surfaces. Grinding of face surfaces can by performed by the side of grinding wheel or its circumferential surface using work head swivel.

Grinding machine series BUC E can be used particularly for single part and series production for grinding of workpieces up to 3,000 kg. The machine is made with higher accuracy to enable grinding of single diameters with tolerance of IT 4 and higher. The standard version of the machine is equipped with control system Siemens 802D sl, and alternatively Siemens 840D sl or B&R.

BUB E 50 CNC is a fully CNC controlled grinding machine that can be used for series and large series production grinding of workpieces up to 500 kg.

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How to clamp face plate into the spindle?

D’Andrea head is clamped automatically and the FH face plate needs 4 nuts to be hold  in hollow spindle.

how much does the specific machine cost?

Send us your enquiry to export@fermatmachinery.com and we will make you an offer with the price.
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