Precision Boring Company Employs New Boring Technology

Precision Boring Company, located in Clinton Township, MI, has been in business for over 70 years. This family owned company located in a 35,000 sq/ft facility provides a high level of expertise for manufacturing complex parts. The company offers high quality 5-Axis CNC Machining, large part OD and ID grinding, fabrication and boring mill services and more.
Last year, Precision Boring decided to purchase a new table type horizontal boring mill. Jerry Decker, President of Precision Boring, said that the reason was “to take advantage of the newer technologies such as high spindle speeds, rapids and cutting speeds and high accuracies in both rotary table positioning and axis positioning.”
Considering all of the technical machine factors such as precision, speed, machine quality as well as the service provided by the local Michigan dealer Odin Sales Corp, the importer Lucas Precision, Precision Boring selected FERMAT, the Czech producer of horizontal boring mills.
FERMAT is a very experienced Horizontal Boring Mill Manufacturer with a long tradition of producing metal working and processing equipment in the Czech Republic, the oldest division dating back to 1902. FERMAT is also a family owned company and employs more than 500 professionals. FERMAT supplies Horizontal Boring Mills to Large Part Manufacturing and Precision Component Manufacturing Industries all over the world. FERMAT also has specialized machines for wind turbine manufacturing as well as “portable” floor type boring mills. In North America, FERMAT has already installed more than 20 machines.
Jerry Decker, President of Precision Boring, said that the reason why he chose a FERMAT WFT 13: “Value for the money was an important consideration and FERMAT machines are excellent value for the money. The features of the machine, for example: large box ways, planetary gear boxes between the servo motor and each of the ball screws (very high precision), roller guided counter weight, choice of CNC controls and well known, high quality purchased components, all influenced my decision to purchase a FFERMAT machine.”
In addition, this is how Jerry described the support from the FERMAT team: “The FERMAT team responded with information quickly. Sales support from the local Michigan dealer, Odin Sales Corp and from the FERMAT Factory was excellent. Precision Boring has several different brands of HBM's, one of which is a Lucas. The fact that Lucas is the importer was also a significant factor.”
Precision Boring shares a commitment to outstanding customer satisfaction and to providing the best in class service and performance. The President of Precision Boring stated that: “There are many features of the FERMAT machine that allowed us to improve our efficiency.”




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D’Andrea head is clamped automatically and the FH face plate needs 4 nuts to be hold  in hollow spindle.

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