Two in One: Horizontal Boring Mill and VTL

It was during a time of economic recession when the owner of HOPAX Company (Czech Republic), Mr. Pavlik, decided to invest in a special floor type horizontal boring mill: a Fermat WRF 130 CNC with VTL table.

"I needed a universal machine that would, in layman's terms, cut for two," said Joseph Pavlik. "Buying a separate VTL at that time was a risk and we did not know whether we would have enough work for it. Fermat was the only company willing to take the challenge to develop this type of machine. The whole project was a step into the unknown; the machine did not exist anywhere in Europe or the world. This machine is unique."

The floor type horizontal boring mill with a VTL table features a iTNC530 Heidenhain control system. Fermat also developed the special tooling required for the project.

"It is more than a year and half since the installation, and the machine works seamlessly," said Mr. Pavlik. "During this period we have had a lot of visits from Fermat customers from all continents, from Australia to South America."

The WRF 130 CNC can accommodate large workpieces weighing up to 66,120 lbs. Examples include large boat winches, rings for bottle filling equipment, motor housings and other bulky and heavy parts.

Additional technical specifications of the WRF 130 with VTL include:

Spindle diameter: 5.1"
Spindle motor power: 50 HP
Column horizontal travel (X-axis) 338"
Column vertical travel (Y-axis) 157"
RAM travel (Z-axis) 39.3"
Working spindle travel 28.7"
VTL table diameter 79".

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